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Couples Counseling

Affair recovery. Trust recovery. Communication challenges. Life Transitions. Conflict.

Couples sometimes come to therapy with the hope that one can join with the therapist to fix the other. Our approach is to help couples recognize the cycles that play out on a day to day basis in which they both participate. Whether you are fighting over socks on the floor, finances, or sex, the patterns are often the same. In therapy, we look at what defenses are coming up that block authentic communication and vulnerable connection. We explore the parts of you which might be needing to evolve over time and within the context of the couple. 


Transitions can be tricky - dating to marriage, marriage to family, kids to empty nest, and all the smaller transitions that happen too. These moments can leave one or both partners wondering who they are in the context of all that is going on. We wouldn’t do this work if we didn’t believe that love and commitment can get you through the tough things. Not only do we believe in the power of your love and commitment to get you through it, we believe addressing these challenges with love and support will help you grow through it.


We can help couples who want to work on:


Feeling stuck






Transition (premarital counseling, expanding family, grief, etc)


Addressing big topics like money, sex, in-laws, etc.


Infidelity and other betrayals


Couples in Recovery

Boundary Work

And more.


If you have questions about whether or not we can help you, please feel free to visit the Our Team pages and/or contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation. If we feel we cannot help, we will do our best to help you find someone who can.

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